Title : Mimosa Ep
Release Date : May 18, 2015
Catalog ref. : ANT066
Format : Digital Download

Master Markantonio once again brings another prodigious producer on the mothership, Paul Nazca is the new man for release number Sixty-Six on AnalyticTrail Records.

Alogy is the first track of the EP, a well constructed Electro anthem with shaped psycho chords and spacey synthesizers surrounded by a deeply breakbeat drum.

Unko is an hypnotic Techno tool, made by dark bassline and old school drum elements such as heavy kick, 909 hi hats and upbeat claps are just the engine of the track.

Ternphas its a tribal Techno theme, where wild percussions and jungle rhythms are fixed together to create an hard groove mood.

Liasion is the fourth tune the E.P. its a strong dub Techno track with Chicago stabs and powerful big room pads supported by eclectically soundscapes.

Traquenhar has an elastic groove, with a deep bassline and a special spacey Synthesizer surrounded by a bouncing Techno beat.

Still great stuff composed by right producers and published by one of the best labels in the music industry, this release its just a must for real Techno lovers.” (Analytic Trail rec.)